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Step aside Tiktok and Youtube: Making parents the biggest “influencer”

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

With so many ways to get distracted from what matters most (our kids), there are many resources out there to guide us back to the way it should be. Parents should be the biggest influence in their kids lives daily. As a parent I know that I do not get it right all the time, but I do know that my kids deserve the best of me, not the rest of me. One of my biggest moves this year has been to branch out from my 10 years in pediatric primary care into my own mobile pediatric acute care business. My hope is to create more flexibility that would allow me to be more present for my kids. They need me. Time is precious and it is during the early years and elementary school age that a parent’s influence must be cemented. By the time kids reach middle school, parental influence can wain in favor of that of peers. Let us put parents back on their children’s pedestals. There are many resources to help build a parent‘s positive influence and I will share briefly some these guiding lights.

One of my favorite books and resources is a parenting book by Dr. Laura Markham called Peaceful Parent: Happy Kids (may check out this book at the the St. Johns or Jacksonville Public Library). She is the founder of the Website. Many parents feel comfort by reaching out to other parents dealing with similar struggles and finding solutions to common behavior questions.

My blog today is to offer some fun connecting ideas for your kiddos this month. In our area it is Kids free November. With so many fun options out there, this is a big chance to spend influencing, memory-building moments with our kids.

Let me know the different ways you succeeded in connecting with your kids during this wonderful gratitude month!

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