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Tips for Getting Small Kids to Take Liquid Medicine

Updated: Feb 4

Does your little one refuse to take their liquid medicine? They may cry, scream, or run away when they see the bottle or the spoon. Don't worry, there are some tricks that can help you get them to take their liquid medicine.

- Be a good role model. Show your little one how you take your liquid medicine without trouble. Tell them that it is not so bad, and that it will make them feel better. You can also pretend to take some liquid medicine with them, using water or juice instead.

- Make it fun. You can make taking liquid medicine more fun by playing a game, telling a story, or singing a song. For example, you can pretend that the liquid medicine is a magic potion that will give them superpowers, or that they are a brave knight or princess who has to drink the potion to defeat the dragon. You can also reward them with a sticker, a hug, or a high-five after they take their liquid medicine.

- Give them some control. You can let your little brother or sister have some control over how they take their liquid medicine. For example, you can let them choose the flavor, the color, or the shape of the spoon or the syringe. You can also let them hold the spoon or the syringe themselves, or help you measure or pour the liquid medicine. This can make them feel more involved and less scared.

These are some tips that can help you take your medicine without trouble. But you should always follow the directions and warnings on your medicine label and ask your doctor or parent if you have any questions or worries. Do not break, cut, or mix your medicine without their permission, as this can change how the medicine works and how safe it is.

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